Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

Two Little Guys movers move a chest of drawers out of a room.

Work With Others

This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway — don’t try to move heavy furniture on your own! Have a friend (or better yet, multiple friends) help you. You may think you can scooch that giant bookshelf across the room bit by bit, but you’re just going to frustrate yourself — and potentially harm yourself — in the process.

Have the Right Equipment

There is a reason that moving companies have so much equipment. It all makes a huge difference in the ease of moving. Gather moving straps, furniture sliders, dollies, and protective blankets. That may sound like a lot of extra work, but it will actually make your job much easier. You’ll thank us later.

Disassemble Furniture If Possible

If you have heavy furniture that you can take apart, do it! Disassemble it into pieces and reassemble it in its new location. Make sure to keep all of the small parts together in a resealable bag, and tape the bag to furniture if it may be a while before reassembly.

Remember the “L” Method

The “L” method is a way of moving chairs and other items through doorways. Simply “hook” the object around the door by turning it on its side (so it makes an L shape) and rotate it through.

Stay Safe

Safety first! Use personal protective equipment as needed to avoid injury, like heavy duty work gloves. Also, know the correct way to carry furniture. Bend at your knees — not your waist — when lifting heavy furniture so that you are using your leg muscles to help you, and NOT your back.

Hire Professional Movers

Moving companies are experts when it comes to moving heavy furniture. They already have the team, the equipment, and the experience required! Plus, many moving companies (like us!) will even do all that furniture disassembly for you. You’ve got enough going on — make your life easier and hire the professionals.

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