Moving with Double Up Food Bucks West Texas

Locally-grown produce at a farmers market

At Little Guys Movers in Lubbock, we recently enjoyed getting to move a local organization making a big difference for our community, Double Up Food Bucks. Learn more about what they do, and their office move!

What is Double Up Food Bucks?

Double Up Food Bucks is an organization that gives families with SNAP benefits the opportunity to have more fresh fruits and vegetables. SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, offers low-income individuals and families a card that lets them purchase food at participating grocery stores. Double Up Food Bucks lets SNAP participants shop at local farmers markets and farm stands in addition to grocery stores. Double Up matches SNAP benefits dollar for dollar — simply find a participating Double Up Food Bucks location and exchange your SNAP benefits for market dollars. Double Up gives people in Lubbock, and across Texas, greater access to nutritious, locally-grown food than SNAP benefits provide alone.

Double Up Office Move

Little Guys Movers in Lubbock moves the awesome people at Double Up Food Bucks.

When Double Up Food Bucks reached out to us about helping them move offices, we were excited to work with an organization that’s doing so much good for our community. We love their mission, and we were honored that they chose us for their move. They said our friendliness and how easy we made the process made them pick our company, which always means so much to hear!

Double Up contacted us about the move on April 30, and we were able to complete it for them the very next day! It was a straightforward office move — we mainly moved office furniture including desks, office chairs, and cabinets. We also helped them adjust the office layout however they needed it, moving things around until they were perfectly happy with their new set up.

When Moving Means More

We love moving all of our customers, but it’s extra special to assist nonprofits and organizations that are giving back to the community. Being involved and helping out in Lubbock is important to us, and working with charities is just one way we try to do our part. If you are an organization that needs moving assistance for your offices or an event, don’t hesitate to contact us!