Moving Tips

Hands taping a moving box closed

Over the years we’ve managed to pick up a few tricks of the trade. Whether we are helping with your move or not, dig into our cache of moving tips. They make moving easy — easy moves make people happy.

Take it From the Pros…

  • Tape boxes on top and bottom.
  • Clearly label all of your boxes according to their content and handling instructions (e.g.: “Fragile,” “Top Load Only”). You can also categorize the boxes by room using color-coordinated sticker dots.
  • Towels and linens make excellent packing materials for fragile items.
  • Use closet space to store packed boxes.
  • If you are moving into storage, arrange your storage unit in advance. If you have antiques, you may want to reserve a climate controlled storage unit.
  • If you are renting a truck, do it as early as possible. Don’t forget to rent plenty of moving blankets! (About 2 blankets per item.)
  • Cloth items can be left in drawers.
  • Bundle garden tools, fishing poles and the like together.
  • When packing breakables use a lot of newsprint, bubble wrap, and other packing materials. There’s no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to your fragile valuables.
  • Use linens or blankets for wrapping mirrors, pictures and such.
  • Stage coolers on top of the fridge/freezer for when they have to be emptied on moving day.
  • Always move cash, jewelry, and other precious items yourself.
  • Empty lateral file cabinets.
  • Movers should not move any flammable materials such as gas, propane, ammo, etc.
  • Pack a box of cleaning supplies and keep it under the sink so it’s not misplaced on moving day.
  • Arrange all transfer of utilities well in advance!
  • Your change of address info is available at no charge at your local post office. Change your address online here at
  • Most moving companies will not disconnect or reconnect washers or ice machines. Be sure to have yours disconnected before the movers arrive!
  • Be careful not to schedule any important engagements on the evening or day of the move.
  • In an apartment situation, save space for the moving van by blocking a parking spot with your car overnight.
  • Pack things you will need right away (clothes, toiletries, phone, keys, current bills, important papers, et cetera) and move these yourself.

Looking for more moving tips?

Check out our blog for ideas on how to make your move safer and less stressful. Also, keep yourself organized and on track with our comprehensive Moving Checklist. Happy moving!