How Much Do Movers Cost?

Person putting coin inside piggy bank with an icon of a moving box in the corner

The price of a move can vary widely from move to move and company to company. So how do you actually find out how much movers cost? The key is to work with a moving company that explains everything up front. Here’s how we do it at Little Guys Movers.

How does Little Guys Movers put together a quote?

Nobody likes surprises on moving day, and that includes us! We want to know everything about your move long before we’re pulling up with our trucks. To give you an accurate quote, we gather as much information about your unique move as we can (and don’t worry, we know what to ask). Quotes can be provided over the phone, by email, or in person. In most cases, we’re able to quote you a binding guaranteed price based on what you need for your move.

What information is needed to provide a quote?

First, we need to know who you are (obviously), when you need to move (duh), and where you’re moving to and from (very important!). Then we’ll ask about any special challenges that may be involved in your move — does your home have stairs? Are you in an apartment? Does that apartment have an elevator? Then, we’ll gather an inventory of the items you need moved that won’t be boxed up, like furniture or specialty items (safes, pool tables, etc). Finally, we’ll help you estimate how many boxes you’ll have — our customers are often surprised by how many boxes they need! (Pro tip: try to declutter and donate some stuff ahead of time!) We’ll also ask if you need help packing or unpacking.

What is included in the quote price?

The quote price includes the actual movers and moving trucks, as well as all of our supplies like dollies, blankets, and straps. It also includes disassembly and reassembly of furniture (aka if something needs to be taken apart to be moved, you’re not going to get slapped with an unexpected fee). And while we may not be professional interior decorators, our quotes include advice about where to place things in your new home if you want our input!

What can make one move more costly than another?

Avoid that third floor apartment to save on moving costs! Having to go up and down stairs is a much bigger challenge than a simple ground floor move, so it can increase the price. Any specialty items will also cost more to move — think things that require a lot of work and manpower to move like hot tubs, safes, and pool tables. Also, a long distance move may cost more than a local one. We pride ourselves on offering the best long distance moving experience, including never combining items from multiple customers into one truck and providing guaranteed delivery dates. These long distance moves take more effort to manage and execute, so that can up the cost.

Are quotes free? Do I have to commit to choosing Little Guys Movers?

We offer free, no obligation quotes that are always customized to meet your needs! No strings attached.