Will a Moving Company Disassemble Furniture?

Little Guy disassembling furniture

Imagine trying to fit a king bed frame through a doorway, or move a large TV shelving unit out of the house. Yeah, not gonna happen, right?

Taking furniture apart is required for many moves, so it begs the question: will a moving company disassemble furniture?

Disassembly Services

Most moving companies will disassemble furniture. After all, it’s their job to move your stuff, even if that means temporarily dismantling some items. Generally, disassembly services don’t cost extra — they just may add some time to the move, which can increase costs when you’re paying a moving company by the hour. For this reason, some people choose not to let a moving company disassemble furniture for them, doing it themselves instead. However, this can cause more problems than it’s worth.

The DIY Route

Moving companies are trained in how to disassemble furniture — and perhaps most importantly, how to keep all the pieces and parts together. They have clear procedures to ensure nothing gets lost and everything is organized. When you disassemble your furniture yourself, you run the risk of losing small parts like screws that are easily misplaced. When you let a professional moving company disassemble furniture, you know everything is going to run smoothly. They do this all day, every day, and their methods are foolproof. Plus, letting your movers handle it takes one thing off your plate on moving day, both at your old home and your new space.

Reassembling Your Furniture

You can’t forget that disassembling furniture is a two-part process — you have to put it all back together again, too. Thankfully, moving companies will do this for you as well. You know how crazy you get trying to follow IKEA instructions? Let your moving company deal with it instead. They reassemble furniture every day. There’s no reason to give yourself a headache trying to put things together when a moving company can do it in half the time.

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