The Long-Term Little Guys

Four Little Guys movers pose with a moving truck
We have a saying around here — once you become a Little Guy, you never want to do anything else.

Sure, plenty of Little Guys go on to other things, but you’d be surprised how many stick around. In fact, the vast majority of our management started out as movers and worked their way up the ladder. We pride ourselves in maintaining a workplace that is supportive, fun, and provides opportunities for advancement.

So it only makes sense that former Murfreesboro Branch Manager, John Manning, became the franchise owner of our new Nashville location (read about his experience here!). But what makes his transition even sweeter? The fact that a bunch of other Little Guys veterans decided to join him on this new adventure.

Four Little Guys Movers — Zack, Greg, Nick, and Mathias — made the jump to Nashville to work under John. They saw the chance to take their experience and help build something new from the ground up. They all became Master Crew Leaders at the new location, and we’re excited to see how they bring that Little Guys spirit to Nashville.

Having experienced employees makes a big difference when building a new business. “The learning curve is gone,” says John, “which means we’ll see improved efficiency and minimal damages — which everyone appreciates!”

But knowledge of the practical side of things isn’t actually what matters most. As John puts it: “The most important thing [about hiring experienced employees] is the culture that comes with it. The guys, especially those who have worked together previously, create such a tight bond that our customers recognize it and brag about it. They appreciate the camaraderie, the smiles, and the communication, which translates to repeat customers.”

We’re excited to see what these guys bring to the table and how they’ll help the Nashville location become the best it can be. We appreciate all that they do for us and can’t wait to support them every step of the way — whether they move on or become Little Guys for life.