Q&A with John Manning: Familiar Face, New Franchise Owner

John Manning, owner of Little Guys Movers franchise in Nashville.
John Manning, Franchisee

When John Manning joined the Little Guys Movers team in 2011, he had no idea he would one day become an owner of his own Little Guys Movers location. But that’s exactly what happened — this year Manning, former Branch Manager of our Murfreesboro location, opened Little Guys Movers in Nashville, TN. As a Little Guys veteran, we were curious to hear about his experience switching into the role of franchisee and why Nashville is the perfect place for LGM.

What made you want to move into the role of franchise owner?

I was looking for a new challenge and felt that I was well suited for starting a Little Guys franchise. The timing also made a lot of sense with the Nashville market being as busy as it is. Also, my kids are now at an age where I can focus my effort on this endeavor. And of course, my very supportive wife is the biggest reason that this is at all possible.

Why did you choose Nashville?

I chose Nashville in part due to its proximity to my hometown, but also Nashville is one of the hottest markets for people moving into the area. The Nashville community is a fantastic place to grow a company like Little Guys Movers, one that thrives on quality service and community support.

What did you learn in your time with Little Guys Movers so far that you will take with you into your new role?

I think it would be easier to list what I didn’t learn during my time with Little Guys! One of the biggest things is the importance of nurturing our employees. The reality of our industry is that you can’t succeed without a solid group of people. Our employees not only move customers’ belongings from one place to another, but they also provide a great deal of relief to people during what is a very stressful time. It’s important to care for our employees and give them a platform to truly show off their talents.

What has your franchisee experience been like so far, and how has it been working with the Little Guys franchise support team?

Up until the new year, I would explain starting the franchise as a “hurry up and wait” endeavor. Now that we are near the opening date, it has been a whirlwind of non-stop things to do. This works out well because I feel that I am at my best when there are multiple tasks in front of me.

In regards to support from the corporate level, I feel they are as invested in the success of my franchise as I am. Everyone has been an open book in regards to the challenges that come with opening up a location. If it weren’t for that, I would not have taken this franchise on.

What would you say to someone considering opening a franchise location with Little Guys Movers?

Two things: 1) Do it, and 2) How can I help?

What are your hopes and dreams for Little Guys Movers in Nashville?

Of course for it to succeed, which I have no doubt it will. I don’t want to get out ahead of my skis, but this will be one of many locations that we open.

Looking for the best movers in Nashville? Contact John Manning for a free estimate on your upcoming move. If you’re interested in owning your own Little Guys Movers franchise, contact the franchise support team for a free franchise kit.