Favorite Moving Tools: Straps and Blankets

moving straps and moving blankets

Today we’re writing an ode to our favorite tools — straps and blankets — and why your move definitely requires them.

Why Moving Tools Matter

Most of the time when people think of moving, they only consider the brute strength required: someone picking stuff up, and moving it. And while we like to imagine we have Thor-like strength, the truth is all movers need a little help. That’s where tools come in. Utilizing moving tools can make a move significantly easier — in fact, tools can even make a job that would otherwise be impossible totally doable.

Little Guys Movers in Bryan/College Station pack the moving truck neatly using blankets and straps

Moving Strap Magic

Moving straps use the magic of physics to make moving large, heavy items easier. The straps provide leverage, which allows our movers to lift more weight than they normally could. A large piece of furniture that would take five to seven people to move can suddenly be moved by two! We love science, don’t you?

The Benefit of Blankets

Moving blankets are highly underrated moving tools. Blankets are versatile — they let us slide things across the floor, protect pieces from getting scuffed, move things more seamlessly through doorways, and keep items safe for the entire duration of the move. Amateur movers may see moving blankets as overkill, but true moving veterans know they are a total necessity.

Trust the Experts

Strength alone simply isn’t enough for a move. Work with a professional moving company that has the skills and tools to make your move efficient and successful. Don’t shell out a bunch of money for moving tools you’re only going to use once — we already have all the tools we need to give you the best move possible. Get a free, custom quote to get started!