Long Haul Moves Across Texas

map of Texas

Did you know that the state of Texas is bigger than France? We sure did — that’s because we’ve experienced many long haul moves across the Lone Star State, and we know how long it can take.

Driving Through Texas

It can take up to 16 hours to drive from one end of Texas to the other. So while an in-state move may sound simpler than a cross-country one, that doesn’t really apply when it comes to the biggest state in the continental U.S.

But lucky for our customers, we have plenty of experience with moving in Texas. Our movers are highly trained and have many miles of long-distance moves on their resumes. We know the best routes to get your belongings delivered safely and efficiently.

The Downside of DIY

Packing a U-Haul and driving yourself to your new home is always an option, but it’s definitely not easy. Completing 10+ hour drives is difficult if you aren’t used to it, and you may not know the secrets to avoiding traffic. At Little Guys Movers, we’re total pros at long haul moves. Save your sanity and let us take the wheel — you won’t regret it.

VIP Services for All

Another reason to go with Little Guys Movers for your long distance move? We give our customers the VIP treatment. See, many other moving companies will move multiple people at a time. That means more stops and detours, so your stuff takes significantly longer to get to you. Plus, there are opportunities for your items to get mixed up with another customer’s. That’s not our style. We move one customer at a time, and never put multiple customers in the same truck. That way your belongings arrive as quickly as possible — or as quickly as a 16-hour drive will allow!

Have a long haul Texas move on the horizon? Contact us today for a free, custom quote!