Moving Fort Collins Since 1998

Little Guys Movers moving truck in foreground with the beautiful Fort Collins mountains in the background
It’s 1998. Titanic is the new highest grossing film of all time. Britney Spears releases “…Baby One More Time.” Google is founded. And Little Guys Movers opens in Fort Collins, Colorado.

That’s right — we’ve been your local moving company for 22 years now, and we plan on continuing to serve the people of Fort Collins for years to come.

Being a local moving company means something to us. It’s not just about moving stuff. Sure, that is what we do, and we love doing it. But more than anything we love people. We love creating wonderful experiences for our customers — our neighbors — and being a part of the community. Taking part in events like the Chair Table Home furniture drive, the Old Town Car Show, and Winter Bike to Work Day makes our jobs meaningful. As local movers, we want to get to know the people we serve and give back to Fort Collins.

If you’re moving soon, consider working with a local moving company like Little Guys Movers. We are honored to get to be part of the Fort Collins community, and it means so much to us every time you trust us with your move. And when you work with us, you’re definitely in good hands — after all, if we survived Y2K together, we can do anything.