Keep the Show on the Road

As Little Guys, we spend a good amount of time in our trucks. We can appreciate the merits of a trusty vehicle, big or small. One of our favorite events of the year is the Fort Collins Old Town Car Show, where we get to ooo and aahhh over all kinds of fancy new and antique vehicles.

With an array of hot rods, vintage motorcycles, custom cars, antique trucks, and other classic vehicles, the Old Town Car Show is the best place to get your fancy auto fix. This was our fourth year to be involved with the car show, helping to move cones, barricades, and merchandise for vendors.

“Community events are a big deal in Fort Collins,” says Brand Manager JD Patton, “and we like to be able to help wherever and however we can. We hope by this point that we are seen as a fixture for the Old Town events throughout the year, and we will continue to be involved.”

If you’re a Fort Collins local, be sure to check out the show next year. You know we’ll be there, helping to keep the event running and, of course, picking out our dream cars.