fort collins
A good-looking crew of Little Guys, working hard and playing hard all summer ‘16.

Summer ’16 in Fort Collins

This team of professional movers is ready to take on anything that needs moving in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you live in the area and could use a hand — whether it’s packing up or unloading everything into your new home, office, or business — our summer ‘16 crew is ready when you are and

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Mike the Mover on a mountain

Moving to Higher Ground

Are you heading for higher ground? Our team of Little Guys in Fort Collins, Colorado will be more than happy to help you change your elevation. Whether you’re moving your home or business down the street or across the Rockies, we’re ready to help you move wherever you need to go.

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A Little Guy checks the engine of a moving truck.

A Fully Functional Moving Experience

We want our customers can be certain that every aspect of their move is a success, every time. A fully functional move is a happy move. That’s why Little Guys have a habit – a policy even – to check and double check everything, from the supplies we bring on moving day to the mechanics

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