Meet the Fleet: Little Guys’ Moving Trucks

Back of a Little Guys moving truck

Every part of your move matters — including the trucks that help make the move happen. Using a moving company that takes care of its vehicles is important, and when it comes to our trucks, Little Guys Movers always goes the extra mile.

What’s in a Name

All Little Guys Movers trucks have unique names. We treat ‘em like family, so they’ve got to have awesome monikers! Here are just a few of our faves:

  • Betty White (Norman)
  • Easy E (Lexington)
  • Notorious B.I.G. (Lexington)
  • Beetlejuice (Norman)
  • Pudge (Lubbock)
  • Devito (Denton)
  • Terry Crews (Denton)

Next time Little Guys is helping you move, ask the name of the truck that’s moving your stuff!

By the Numbers

Moving truck from Little Guys Denton
Joe Pesci, from Little Guys Denton

Here are some fast facts about our trucks:

  • Usually 1-3 trucks are needed for a standard residential move.
  • A 26’ truck can hold about 150 boxes of stuff before hitting its weight limit.
  • The longest drive one of our trucks has taken was 1500 miles.
  • We have over 50 trucks in the Little Guys fleet!

Securing the Goods

Moving truck from Little Guys Denton
Terry Crews, from Little Guys Denton

When we pack your stuff into a Little Guys Movers truck, we use double quilted furniture pads and 2” wide ratchet straps to ensure your items are fully secured. And to be certain your belongings are safe, all of our drivers go through a rigorous training program, driving multiple different trucks, and are Class C certified. When you hire Little Guys Movers, you can relax knowing your stuff is going to make it from Point A to Point B with ease.

The Daily Checklist

Caring for our trucks is vital. We need them to be reliable and safe, so every day we perform daily checks on each vehicle. We check the fluids, lights, and all safety and maintenance items. Our trucks are Department of Transportation compliant and we check every day to make sure they stay that way!

Don’t just move with anyone — use a company that cares about every last detail, down to the trucks they drive. Get a free, custom quote from Little Guys Movers today.