Why We Check Our Moving Trucks Daily

Little Guys Staff checks on moving truck

Picture this — it’s moving day and things are going perfectly. Your belongings are packed up in the moving truck, you’ve said goodbye to your former home, and you’re headed to your new space, excited and ready to make it your own.

Then the moving truck breaks down.

Just like that, your picture perfect moving day is ruined.

At Little Guys Movers, we want to do everything in our power to ensure this little story doesn’t become your reality. That’s why we complete daily checks of our moving trucks so we know they are in tip-top shape for your move.

The Checklist

Our daily checklist includes fifty-five individual inspections. That may seem like a high number and, well, it is! We want to check every nook and cranny and know that we’ve taken the time to be certain that all of our equipment is ready for your move.

We don’t just check our trucks, either. The checklist can be broken down into three main categories: the truck, the moving equipment, and the tools.

Checking the truck includes checking on fluids, lights, and all safety and maintenance items that make us DOT compliant (DOT = U.S. Department of Transportation). For the moving equipment, we make sure we are fully stocked with everything we need for your unique move and that it’s all in good condition. Finally, we check on our tools like drills, wrenches, tape measures, socket sets, and anything else that could be helpful for moving and assembling furniture.

The entire checklist is completed before we head out for the move — AND when we get back to headquarters. We’re all about crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s.

Why Daily Checks Matter

Our daily checks ensure that we show up to every job prepared to accommodate our customer’s needs. From the reliability of our truck, to the equipment needed to handle and transport items safely, to having all the tools needed to help disassemble and reassemble furniture, our checks allow us to come ready for anything.

They also help us catch potential problems. We want to find out about any potential operations issues with our trucks before we get on the road. For us, it’s all about being proactive, not reactive. Nobody wants to have the moving truck break down, which can result in significant delays and possibly require us to transfer your items to a replacement truck. This is an unpleasant experience for everyone involved!

Don’t settle for a moving company that isn’t prepared. When you’re choosing movers, make sure they check all of their equipment, every time. Contact us today if you’d like a free quote for your move in Gainesville.