Not Your Average Meeting

Attending a employee meeting may not sound very exciting, but that’s because you haven’t been to one of ours. Working at Little Guys Movers means you are truly part of a team, and the Greensboro location is helping to spur on this familial atmosphere with their “all-store meetings.” These meetings are held monthly and include a delicious meal, like kabobs, hot dogs, or pizza. Last month, Greensboro cooked up some chicken wings: “No special recipe,” says Branch Manager Josh McKelvey, “although I found this stuff at Costco called Butt Rub. The guys were suspicious, but after we tried it they were immediate converts!”

Two Little Guys Movers stand in front of a hot barbeque grill, one seasoning the chicken while the other "supervises"

Although sharing a meal is enough of a reason to get together, the all-store meeting involves some work talk, too. The team discusses things like safety while driving and moving, damage prevention, the proper use of tools and techniques, and any upcoming news or policy changes. It’s also a good opportunity to troubleshoot any obstacles that the Little Guys have been encountering on the job.

“It’s important that we identify and discuss potential issues ahead of time,” says McKelvey. “We have our movers talk about any issues they are seeing – weird pieces of furniture, problematic apartment buildings, recent weather issues – and we try to come up with new ways to solve recurring problems. For example, we recently decided to cover all mattresses in plastic since it’s been so wet lately in North Carolina. It’s helpful to get feedback from our movers at every meeting.”

Discussing work as a team is a vital part of any career, but it’s important to the Little Guys to incorporate some fun and community building, too. The all-store meetings are a great time to get to know co-workers better and simply have some laughs. In fact, Greensboro’s meetings have been known to transform into spontaneous weightlifting competitions!

If you would like to be a part of the Little Guys family, consider applying for a job with us. We’re always hiring positive employees who are eager to jump into this fast-paced, rewarding career. Join a company that prioritizes fun and camaraderie in addition to hard work. Apply today.