Down to Business

Three Little Guys standing outside Bluegrass Tavern in LexingtonYou may know that we move residential homes, but did you know we move commercial businesses, too? Over the years, the Little Guys have moved every kind of office, shop, and company.

It’s not every day, however, that we get to move a commercial beer cooler! Little Guys Movers Lexington was honored to help the fine folks at Bluegrass Tavern update their space with a shiny new cooler. The old cooler was ready for retirement, and we were happy to oblige. We removed it and replaced it with the new young gun, now cooling beers for years to come.

This kind of job is particularly special because we get to work with a local small business. Being a part of the community is a huge part of the Little Guys philosophy. We love supporting the communities we live in, and we’re committed to making them better. We know that we don’t just move things, we move people’s lives and passions.

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Old beer cooler at Bluegrass Tavern New beer cooler at Bluegrass Tavern