Where to Get Moving Boxes

close up of a hand on a moving box with the Little Guys Movers logo


The average person doesn’t spend much time thinking about boxes on a daily basis. But when you’re moving, boxes suddenly become a huge part of your life.

Not only do you need them, you need a LOT of them. Moving requires you to pack your entire life in cardboard boxes. Everything has to go, and boxes are the way to do it.

So where do you get moving boxes?

You Need Sturdy Boxes

If you’re looking at that old stack of soggy boxes in your garage (you swear you’re going to recycle them any day now!), think again.

Moving boxes should be new and sturdy. Sure, reusing old boxes sounds nice. It helps the environment, right? But the reality is that pre-used boxes might not hold up in a move, which can wreak havoc on an already stressful life event. The more a box has been used, the more the structural integrity of the cardboard is broken down. That means the sides are more likely to rip or the bottoms will fall out as they are filled with your belongings.

And Plenty of Them

On top of ensuring you use sturdy boxes, you need many boxes — perhaps more than you think. Overfilling boxes can lead to disaster, and you need to account for things like bubble wrap to protect your valuables. If you don’t know where to start, check out our guide on how many moving boxes you need.

Now what about acquiring them? When it comes to where to get moving boxes, you are in luck. We offer all the boxes and supplies you need for your move. We can help you figure out what you need and provide you with strong boxes for your belongings. We can even pack for you, if you’d like!

Are you looking for somewhere to get moving boxes, or need moving services? Contact us today for a free quote.