Moving Tips and Hacks From Our Movers!

four movers in circle frames in front of moving trucks
Some moving tips may seem obvious — don’t overpack boxes, use bubble wrap, start packing well in advance — but others are less well-known. Here are just a few moving tips and hacks from our expert movers that you may not have considered, but will make your moving experience much, much better.

If it Can Fit in a Box, Pack it in a Box

Some things, especially medium sized items, may not feel worth finding a box for. Why waste a box on your air fryer or your couch pillows when you can just carry them out? The truth is, items in boxes are significantly easier to move. Plus, they are protected during the entire transportation process. So when you feel like you can simply lug something out on its own, reconsider. The box is always worth it.

Maintain a Clear Path

Inevitably there will be some maneuvering through seas of boxes during a move, but if you can keep part of the floor clear, the entire move will be smoother and more efficient.

Empty Your Furniture

Don’t try to move a chest of drawers, or any other furniture or appliances, with stuff still inside. Trust us on this one.

Doorstops are Your Friend

Whether it’s an official doorstop or something like a brick, being able to prop open your doors will save you a huge headache. You don’t want to have to open a door over and over, or deal with getting something large through a door that’s actively trying to close on you.

Pack Toiletries and Chargers Together

And then keep track of that box! You don’t want to dig through 50 boxes trying to find your toothbrush on night one in the new space. Read our article on the “First Night Box” for other suggested items to keep handy during the move.

Have a Plan for Your Pets

Keeping your pets out of the way during a move is vital for their safety. Left unsupervised during a move, they could slip out through an open door or get accidentally stepped on by a mover. Check out our blog on moving with pets to get all our tips and tricks!

Don’t want to go it alone on moving day? We wouldn’t either. Consider working with the experts at Little Guys Movers to make your move a cinch. Get a free quote today!