What You’re Forgetting to Ask Before Hiring Movers

A person is on the phone with moving boxes in the background

You’ve asked about costs and timelines. Here are some questions you may not be asking your moving company.

How do I know I can trust your company?

This is a question many people have, but don’t think they can really ask. But you should! Before hiring movers, ask how you know they are trustworthy. Movers should be able to give clear examples (like an insurance policy) and provide you with testimonials from past clients.

What happens if something breaks during a move?

Your moving company should have a clear plan of action if something breaks — and if they don’t, that’s not a good sign. Ask your movers about their policy and make sure it works for you.

Do I have to pay to rent moving blankets and other equipment?

Some companies just want to nickel and dime you, so double check that all moving supplies — and the use of moving trucks — are included in the price you’ve been quoted. You don’t want to find out later that there are a bunch of additional “fees” you didn’t know about.

What if it rains on my moving day?

Most moving companies should work rain or shine, unless there is a real weather emergency. Find out what your movers do to protect your belongings in the rain (water + cardboard boxes = recipe for disaster). And ask how your move would be rescheduled if the weather is too severe — do you get moved to the front of the line?

What do I need to do before the movers get there?

Packing, clearing walkways, moving your car out of the driveway, and ensuring pets are already safely out of the house are just a few things you can do before your movers arrive. Ask your moving company what else you can do to speed up the process and make your move more organized and efficient.

How can I be certain your services are in my price range?

When moving companies use hourly rates, it can be difficult to know what the final cost will be. Ask your movers how they estimate pricing, or better yet, work with a company that uses flat rate pricing (like we do!).