Installing a Float Pod

A float pod is photographed in front of a Little Guys truck.

We’ve been asked to move a lot of crazy things over the years, but a few months ago we got an inquiry we’ve never had before: we were asked to move a float pod.

What is a Float Pod?

A float pod is essentially a tank of water filled with epsom salt. The salt allows people to float, and lights and noises are turned down to provide a sensory deprivation experience. Float pods are commonly used for therapy and relaxation.

Our friends at Mindful Counseling reached out to us about installing a new float pod at their business. It’s an awesome, unique addition for their clients to enjoy.

How We Prepared

We know how to move a lot of things, but this was a new one. We didn’t want to end up sitting there scratching our heads on moving day, so we knew we had to do some research ahead of time. We viewed installation videos and read instructions online to ensure we understood how the float pod came apart. That way we had a game plan ready to go when the time came.

Two Liftgates are Better Than One

The float pod itself weighed close to 1000 pounds. Needless to say, we were going to need some serious power to get it to the ground in one piece. We transferred the float pod from the shipping company’s truck into ours, and then backed our other truck into position so it could straddle both liftgates, as it was too large to fit on just one. It may not be a common technique, but it worked!

Getting It Through the Door

The door had to be removed to get the float pod into the building, but that’s something we’re used to. What we’re not as used to is moving 1000 pounds with only half an inch of clearance on each side of the door. At the end of the day, there’s no secret trick to something like this — it all comes down to patience and communication. Our team of five guys took their time and worked together to move the float pod through the doorway without any scratches or incidents.

We’re happy to add a float pod to our list of “most unique items moved,” and we hope that Mindful Counseling and their clients enjoy it! If you’ve got a large specialty item that needs moving, hit us up. We’re always up for a challenge!