How to Move Pets and Help Them Adjust to Their New Home

Move Pets Like a Pro

Moving can be a little overwhelming — can you imagine if you had to move, but had no idea what was going on? That’s what our pets are dealing with when we move, and moving is crazy enough as it is! Unfortunately, we can’t explain to them what is happening, but we can take a few steps to make the process as smooth as possible for our furry friends. We’ve gathered our best tips to help you prepare for your move, keep your pet safe during the move, and help them adjust to their new space after the move.


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Before the Move

  • Check local ordinances for your destination. Learn about leash laws, licensing requirements, and health requirements. Do you need a health certificate? A rabies tag?
  • If they aren’t already, get your pet microchipped. If your pet gets lost, local shelters can scan the microchip and contact you.
  • Change the address information for the microchip to match your new location.
  • Make sure your pet has a collar with an ID tag. The tag should include your pet’s name, your phone number, and your destination address.
  • Gather vet records from your current vet. Providing your new vet with these records will give them a sense of your pet’s medical history and help them make more informed decisions regarding your pet’s health.
  • Take a good photo of your pet. If somehow your pet gets lost during the moving process, you need to have a well-lit, clear photo of your pet to show neighbors and put on signs.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate pet carrier for your animal’s size and your method of transportation. If you are traveling by air, research your airline’s requirements for pet carriers.

Moving Day

  • Consider kenneling your pet on moving day, or having a friend pet sit. This is the best way to ensure your pet is safe and sound during the move.
  • If your pet will be with you on moving day, pack a “moving day kit” with their food, bowls, and anything else they may need, such as a litter box or favorite toy.
  • When you get to your destination, identify a room where the pets can stay during the move. Be sure to scan the room for any hazards and hideaways.
  • Create a large note or sign for the room where the pets will be staying. Make sure it clearly states that the pets are in the room and the door should remain closed.
  • Talk to your movers! Before the unloading begins, let everyone know exactly where the pets will be and which room to avoid. If there are boxes labeled to go in that room, let them know where to put them instead.Check in on your pet during the day. A quick pet or a treat can go a long way for your pet’s stress level — even just seeing you will make them feel better.

After the Move

  • Wait until the move is totally complete before considering letting your pets out!
  • Take a walk through your new home to identify any potential hazards. Make sure that every door and window is closed, and check cabinets for holes.
  • Place familiar items around your new home. Does your cat have a favorite pillow? Does your dog always sleep on a certain blanket? Smelling their own scent in a new place will be comforting and reassuring.
  • Check your pet’s emotional state before letting them out. Do they seem distressed? If so, you may want to stay in the room with them for a while until they appear ready to venture out.
  • If your home is large, consider giving them access to only part of it at a time. Close a few doors to limit the space they can explore. This can keep them from feeling overwhelmed.
  • Stay calm and positive. If you seem stressed, your pet will be, too. Reassure your pet by maintaining a happy, relaxed attitude.
    Give it time. Your pet may not warm up to your new home right away, and that’s okay! They will become accustomed to the space after a few days, and soon they won’t even remember life without it!

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a collage of pets of Little Guys employees!