U-Pack vs. Little Guys Movers

Side-by-side comparison of Little Guys Movers and a person packing and moving by themselves

Considering using a partial DIY moving service like U-Pack? Here’s how they compare to Little Guys Movers.

Packing Services

When it comes to packing, U-Pack says it all in the name — you do the packing yourself. You also have to provide your own moving boxes and supplies.

At Little Guys Movers, you can pack for yourself or we can do it for you! We provide a full-service packing option, or we can also do partial packing. For example, maybe you just don’t want to deal with packing your dishes. Whatever amount of packing help you need, we’ve got you. We can also provide boxes and packing supplies for you.

Loading Services

With U-Pack, you do all your own loading and unloading. U-Pack provides you with a “cube,” a large container that they place outside your home. You have three days to load your belongings into the cube. (And you’ll want to reserve as many cubes as you think you will need, because adding more cubes after the initial drop-off costs extra.) U-Pack can’t assist you in loading your items at all, including furniture. If you need help with loading or unloading, you have to work with a local moving company.

This is not the case with the Little Guys! We provide loading and unloading services for your entire home — you don’t have to move one single thing. Our movers are well-trained to transport your things safely and efficiently, and we have all the tools we need to do so. We know how to pack the moving truck so that everything fits and is secure. And when it’s time to unload, we do that, too! All you need to do is tell us where you want things, and we will do it all for you.

Transporting Services

U-Pack picks up your cube and transports it to your final destination. However, your stuff shares a moving trailer with commercial freight shipments. These shipments are headed in the same direction as your drop-off location, but they require detours and pit stops to offload those items.

At Little Guys Movers, we don’t believe in sharing moving trailers or trucks. We only move one customer at a time, every time. This significantly decreases the chances of items getting mixed up or lost, and it ensures your stuff gets delivered to you as quickly as possible — no unnecessary stops included.

Customer Service and Insurance

U-Pack doesn’t have insurance. It only provides liability coverage for carrier negligence. Little Guys Movers, on the other hand, is fully insured. We believe in providing a top-tier moving experience for our customers that’s designed to fit your needs. You can rest assured that your move will run smoothly and be given the time and attention it deserves. With something like U-Pack you can definitely save a few bucks, but you may find it’s not worth the lack of service and care. Working with professionals is the best way to make your move easy.

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