The Pros and Cons of Using Angi (Formerly Angie’s List) for Moving Services

Woman searches for moving services on tablet

Should you use Angi (aka Angie’s List) to find and hire movers? Here are the pros and cons of Angi you should consider.

The Pros

Easy to Use

Angi’s online platform is well-designed and streamlined. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and you can read tons of reviews for multiple contractors and movers all in one place.

Angi Approved and Angi Certified Contractors

Angi offers two special badges for participating businesses and contractors. Angi Approved businesses have been verified and are well-ranked. Angi Certified businesses have an average rating of three stars or higher, have passed a background check, and maintain state licensing requirements. These categories can be helpful in ensuring your contractors are the real deal.

Many Project Types

On Angi, you can search for contractors for practically any project you can imagine. This makes it a great resource for small jobs and random projects around your house.

The Cons

Not Cheaper than Regular Movers

Angi is simply a way to find contractors — there’s no guarantee that using Angi will save you any money. In fact, these kinds of sites often have hidden fees or convenience fees that could up your price. It’s worth it to get a free quote from a local moving company before committing to a company from Angi. You may find that the moving company is actually cheaper!

Membership Fees

Although there is a free option, some of Angi’s services require a membership and cost extra. These include things like online payment and their Happiness Guarantee. If you work with a regular moving company, your move should be bonded and insured at no extra cost.

Ads May be Misleading

If a company has some bad reviews, there’s nothing to stop them from ranking high on Angi if they have the cash. Contractors and moving companies can pay to have their information pop up first in your search results. That means you may not actually be seeing the best people for the job and could hire a business with bad reviews if you aren’t careful.

Working with Amateur Movers

A real moving company with an actual LLC and years of experience is much more trustworthy than contractors on a site like Angi. Many of these “movers” may simply be a group of friends that own a couple of trucks. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with that — that’s how we got our start! — and that may be ideal for small jobs. But if you’re doing a full residential move, it’s in your best interest to work with an experienced company that has highly trained employees and all the supplies and skills needed to make your move a success.