Meet Maxine: Shop Dog Extraordinaire

Little Guys Movers Fort Collins shop dog Maxine plays in the snowWe’re nothing without our team here at Little Guys Movers. Our team is the company – that’s why “Little Guys” is in the name! It should go without saying, but our Little Guys aren’t necessarily all men. We have quite a few women working for us all across the nation, as well. But did you know that we’ve got some Little Dogs, too? Being a Little Guys Shop Dog is a big job, and we figured it was high time we introduced one of our canine friends on the blog. Meet Maxine, Fort Collins’ Shop Dog. Maxine is a Queensland Heeler, and she often goes by Max for short (she’s loosely named after the character Max from Stranger Things, no big deal). Her human is Branch Manager JD Patton, and although she can be a bit of a loner, she’s still 100% a daddy’s girl. Get to know a little bit about Fort Collins crew member Maxine!

Meet Maxine

What is your name and title?
Maxine, Shop Dog

Where are you from?
Bennett, CO

When did you start working for Little Guys Movers?
August 2019

Aside from moving, what are you really good at?
I’m a frisbee wizard. Period. In my opinion.

What is your favorite thing about the city you live in?
Lots of parks and hiking trails.

What’s your favorite local restaurant/watering hole?
Behind the shop for BBQ.

What’s the coolest/most memorable item you’ve moved?
Not sure, but I get treats from the FedEx guy.

If you were a piece of furniture, what would it be?
A heated dog house.

When you’re not on a moving job, we can find you….
Catching a frisbee.

What do you like most about being a Little Guy?
The comfortable dog bed in the office.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Hoisting the Frisbee Champ of the Universe trophy.

Are you interested in becoming a Little Guys Movers Shop Dog? Tell your human to apply for a job with the Little Guys! We’re always hiring movers and drivers at our locations all across the U.S.

shop dog maxine playing fetch
shop dog maxine as a baby