Say Hello to Echo

A head-on shot of Gainesville's new truck.

Little Guys Movers Gainesville has been growing rapidly, which meant it was time for a new addition to the team: a second moving truck!

Our new truck is named Echo, as it is a reverberation of our first truck, Delta. Plus, Echo is next in line in the phonetic alphabet, so it was the clear name choice.

Echo isn’t totally new, though: the truck has already completed 41 moves, driving a total of 3,200 miles! A 26’ combo with ramps and liftgates, Echo (and Delta!) is the ideal truck for almost any move. At Little Guys Movers, we move anywhere within the contiguous United States. Our trucks can easily handle cross-country, long distance moves — in fact, long distance moving is one of our specialties.

We are thrilled to add a new truck to our location because it is a sign to us that we’re on the right path. It means that the Gainesville community trusts us enough to support the volume of moves that keeps multiple trucks busy. We’re excited to continue to grow and eventually add a third truck — to be named Foxtrot, naturally.