New Roof, Who Dis?

Photo of the roof repair taking place at the Gainesville location.

We love a good office glow up — and although it’s not the MOST exciting thing we could update in our office, we were still amped to get a new roof at our Little Guys Greensboro location. First order of business: find an awesome roofing company.

We love working with local companies and small businesses, so Old Timer’s Roofing was the perfect fit. They are a small, full-service roofing company with experience in commercial roofing, and we knew we could trust them to do a good job.

And they exceeded our expectations — due to some staffing issues, their team of eight turned into a team of just three! But they didn’t let that stop them. The Old Timer’s team worked sun up to sun down every single day until the job was complete.

We’re so happy with their work, and more importantly, their work ethic. As a service-based company ourselves, we have high standards. We want our customers to know that when they hire Little Guys Movers, they are getting experienced, dedicated workers who are committed to doing their best, every single time. Seeing our customers happy at the end of moving day is our greatest joy. We always give it our all. So we could truly appreciate how Old Timer’s Roofing went the extra mile to give us a high-quality roof, even while working through challenges. We’ve been there, too, and we know how meaningful it is for a company to maintain a good attitude and get the job done.