Leaders of the Pack

If you ask anyone, “What’s the worst part of moving?” chances are they will say packing. No one enjoys dealing with boxing up all of their stuff — it takes forever, it’s strenuous, and you have to make sure everything is packed well so that it’s safe and secure. Plus, once you get to your destination then you get to deal with unpacking it all.

Lucky for you, the Little Guys aren’t just movers — we’re also expert packers! We can bubble wrap, label, tape, and organize like nobody’s business. And on top of that, we can unpack all of your stuff, too.

Our system is totally streamlined, and you get to decide if we pack up all of your belongings or just some things you don’t want to pack up yourself.

Did moving just get way easier? You bet.

If you are moving and/or interested in our packing and unpacking services in Wilmington, let us know! We can provide a free, no obligation quote for moving, packing, or both!

Mover in a kitchen preparing to open and unpack a box