What Moves You?

Little Guy Robbie, cello for Lab Theatre Lubbock Here at Little Guys, we don’t expect your job to be your whole life. We are a creative bunch with all kinds of interests and passions. We encourage our employees to do what they love outside of the workplace, and we are always excited to hear about people’s hobbies or other careers during the hiring process. In fact, many of our employees are musicians, artists, outdoor enthusiasts, or fitness trainers when they aren’t moving with the Little Guys! Robbie here is repping Little Guys as the cellist in the musical Next to Normal at Lab Theatre Lubbock.

Little Guys Movers is the perfect career for an artist, musician, or anyone with a particular passion. Flexible hours mean that together we can create a schedule that gives you time to do what you love. Let working at Little Guys Movers fuel what truly moves you!

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