Moving for McKinney’s Repertory Theatre

The cast of McKinney Repertory Theatre's A Christmas Carol next to the Little Guys Movers logo.

We love a night at the theater, and we recently got the chance to have our moment on the stage — as movers, that is!

Building a Partnership

We met Davina Gazo Stampfel, the Executive Director of the McKinney Repertory Theatre (MRT), at the weekly McKinney Chamber of Commerce breakfast. We love being Chamber members in part because we get to make these kinds of connections! MRT needed some assistance assembling, disassembling, and moving sets — and lucky for both of us, that’s our specialty! We offered up our services and we’ve been working with them since!

Building a Set

Prior to Little Guys Movers getting involved, the cast of MRT’s shows had been moving their own sets. Sometimes they even had to tear down sets late at night after shows. Now we do the heavy lifting so they can simply focus on their performances — or the final cast party at the end of a successful run!

For load in, we move set pieces, costumes, and props from a storage facility in McKinney to the theater. Our movers then help put the set pieces together on the stage. When the show’s over, we help disassemble the sets, pack up the props and costumes, and move it all back to the storage facility.

Building a Community

The arts and Little Guys Movers go hand in hand. We’ve been a company filled with musicians, artists, and performers from day one, and it’s important to us to do our part to keep the arts alive in our community. This is just one small way that we can use our special skills and expertise to further the theatre scene in McKinney — we may not all be actors, but we can still contribute as movers!

Don’t miss the amazing shows happening at MRT this year! Head to to check out their current season, buy tickets, and maybe even audition!