Donating a Drum Kit to a Church in Ghana

Members of the Global Evangelical Church in Ghana celebrate a drum kit donated by Little Guys Movers.

Music and Little Guys Movers go hand in hand. Many of our movers are musicians, so we have a deep appreciation for the joy that music can provide. So when we were given the unique opportunity to help donate a drum kit to a church in Ghana, we knew this was a task that was right up our alley.

The request came to us through David Agawu, a friend of LGM founder Marcus Watson. David is from Ghana and still has family there. His family attends a local church in the Oti Region of Ghana called the Global Evangelical Church. David was in the process of purchasing and assembling items for live music for the church services. He had purchased a keyboard and PA system, and he reached out to us to help him find a drum kit. We agreed to help him locate one, and we offered to donate it as well.

Little Guys Movers partnered with the Joe Cripps Foundation on this project. The Joe Cripps Foundation is an organization that celebrates the percussive arts and supports percussion education and resources for the music community. They had recently received a drum set from an anonymous donor. Marcus approached them about refurbishing the kit and donating it to the Global Evangelical Church and the Foundation was absolutely on board.

The Joe Cripps Foundation fixed up the base of the drum kit, and Little Guys Movers purchased and donated all of the accessories required to complete it, such as sticks and cymbals. The drum set was packaged up and shipped to Ghana, where it was ceremoniously unveiled on January 14, 2024 by Emmanuel Agawu, on behalf of Little Guys Movers and the Joe Cripps Foundation. The kit was received by Resident Pastor Mawuena Kossi Atenonou on behalf of the church, where it will be used for years to come.

“This was a hugely significant donation!” says David. “The church wasted no time in setting up the drum kit and proceeded to use it for praise and worship the same day it was presented. It was truly a joy watching footage of the congregation relishing the enhanced worship experience.”

We love getting these kinds of opportunities to give back, particularly when it helps a friend and supports one of our passions (in this case, music). Nothing feels better than knowing that our small contribution is making a difference for a church thousands of miles away.

“No doubt the entire congregation is very grateful to Little Guys Movers and the Joe Cripps Foundation for the donation,” says David. “I am almost certain none of these donors had much prior knowledge of Ghana, let alone this small town in that country and yet they did not even wait to be asked. Now they have touched lives massively in a faraway land that they still know very little about. This is a remarkable standard of humanity and I join this congregation in saying, ‘Thank You!’”

We’re truly honored to have taken part in this project. It’s incredible to have the chance to help spread the joy of music across the globe. We love helping people move, but giving back like this is what it’s really all about.

Check it Out

Fortunately for us, the kind folks at Global Evangelical Church recorded the ceremony so we could partake in the unveiling! See more of their beautiful chapel, amazing choir, and ✨sparkly✨ new gear on YouTube.

Front exterior of the Global Evangelical Church in the Oti Region of Ghana

Members of the Global Evangelical Church in the Oti Region of Ghana set up the new drum set

Members of the Global Evangelical Church in the Oti Region of Ghana present a certificate of gratitude