Moving Across Town: Tips for Changing Neighborhoods/Apartments

Person walking their dog through a Lubbock neighborhood

Moving within the same town might not seem as daunting as relocating to a new city, but it still comes with its own set of challenges. Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, or simply seeking a change of scenery, we’ve got all the tips you need to transition to a new neighborhood or apartment in the same town.

Plan Ahead

When you’re not traveling far, it can be easy to feel like you don’t need to do much planning. But every move needs to be planned! Don’t wait until the last minute: create a timeline for tasks like packing, and scheduling movers.

Declutter Before You Pack

Moving is the perfect opportunity to declutter — a thing people sometimes forget when they are moving to a new apartment or neighborhood in the same city. Don’t miss your chance to sort through your possessions and donate, sell, or discard items you no longer need or use. This will lighten your load and save you time and money on packing and moving.

Inform Relevant Parties

Just because you’re only moving across town, doesn’t mean people don’t need to know about it! Give your friends and family your new address, of course, as well as your employer, utility providers, mail service, and subscription services. And don’t forget to update your address on official documents such as your driver’s license and voter registration.

Explore Your New Neighborhood

Before moving day, take some time to explore your new neighborhood. Familiarize yourself with your new grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and coffee shops. Even though you’re only moving across town, neighborhoods can vary greatly from one to the next. Hang out in your new area to help you settle in more quickly once you’ve moved.

Arrange for Utilities and Services

Coordinate with utility companies to transfer or set up services at your new address. This includes electricity, water, gas, internet, cable, and any other essential services you rely on.

Hire Professional Movers

Moving is challenging whether you’re going across the country or across the street. You may feel like you don’t need to work with a moving company because you are only changing neighborhoods within the same town, but moving is still moving! Save your sanity and hire professionals (like Little Guys Movers) to move your largest items and help you relocate. You’ll never regret working with the experts!

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