Downsizing: Tips for Moving to a Smaller Home

four icons that show steps to downsizing to a smaller space

In our crazy, busy lives, it’s nice to keep things simple. One way to simplify your life? Downsizing. Downsizing is like a breath of fresh air, but the actual process takes some work. Check out our best tips to make downsizing simple, from decluttering to space-saving and everything in between.


This is step one for moving into any home, regardless of the size! Over the years we accumulate so much extra stuff, so tossing what we don’t need makes moving much simpler. This is obviously even more important when downsizing, so be ruthless in your decluttering process. Don’t know where to start? Read our guide to decluttering before a move.

Have a vision for your new home.

When you downsize, you’re not recreating your old home in a new space. Because your new home is smaller, your current setup isn’t going to transition perfectly. Create a vision for your new home. Curate your space. Consider how you want your home to feel and approach it with fresh eyes. This will help you decide what you actually need to keep, and what you can let go.

Consider your lifestyle.

Do you really need 12 place settings if you never host dinner parties? Have you actually used your craft corner more than a couple of times? Be honest with yourself about what you use, and let that influence what stays and what goes. Create a home that actually fits your habits.

Measure your new space.

Don’t skip this step! You need to be certain that your old furniture fits in your new, smaller home. You don’t want to realize you need an entirely new living room set on moving day!

Downsize your furniture.

If you’re trying to maximize space, consider trading your sofa for a loveseat, using a dining table that folds away, or skipping the guest bedroom and going with a pull-out couch. Just a few changes can go a long way!

Utilize furniture with storage.

Finding adequate storage can be one of the greatest challenges to downsizing. Multipurpose items like ottomans with storage inside or beds with storage underneath can be major space-savers.

Avoid duplicate items.

You don’t need two coffee makers or three can openers. Whenever possible, get rid of any duplicates. They’re just clutter!

Ask yourself, “What would I replace if everything was gone?”

If you walked into your house and everything had disappeared, what would you actually go out and buy? Sometimes we get used to things being around and don’t even realize we don’t need them. Think of your new home as a fresh start, and move each item into it thoughtfully, as if you were buying it for the first time. You’ll be surprised to find how many things you don’t need — or even really want!

Downsizing can make moving even more challenging, but if you plan carefully and make thoughtful choices, moving into your smaller home will be simple. Are you moving soon? Little Guys Movers would love to help you move into a new residence, apartment, or senior living facility. Contact us to get a free quote for your move!