On the Road Again: Long Distance Moving

Little Guys Movers truck in front of Wyoming state signLong distance moves take a special level of care and planning. Our Lubbock team recently completed a long distance move to Washington state – it took six days to make the trip! Today we’re sharing why a long distance move with the Little Guys is the best choice, as well as a planning tip for your move you definitely cannot forget, and what it’s like to be a Little Guy on the road.

No Detours

What makes a long distance move with Little Guys Movers unique? We offer expedited moves that service one customer at a time. This means that only your belongings go on the truck – you’re not sharing a truck with other customers – and we head straight to your destination. Since we don’t have to drop off belongings at multiple locations along the way, this saves tons of time.

How to Prepare

The preparation for a long distance move is similar to a local move, with one exception. Customers need to plan to have their own accommodations for the duration of the move. If you’re moving long distance, make sure you have a hotel or place to stay from the time the moving truck leaves with your things, to when it arrives to unload in the final location. You also need to remember to have your necessities on hand, like toiletries and changes of clothes, and not accidentally load it ALL onto the truck!

Little Guys Movers truck on road surrounded by forest

A Job for Adventurers

Not many jobs offer the opportunity to see interesting places all across the nation. If you’re interested in a job that includes some traveling, Little Guys Movers may be the place for you. Our employees always travel with at least one other driver to keep each other company and safe on the road. Little Guys Movers provides hotels and a per diem for these overnight trips, so all you have to worry about is getting the customer’s belongings from one place to another – and checking out all the awesome cities and sights along the way.

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