Moving On Up

Staircase viewed from above with Little Guy employee at the bottomAh, stairs. The ultimate challenge for a mover. It takes skills and experience to be able to move large items around staircase corners – skills and experience that the Little Guys have in spades.

Yes, we’ve seen our fair share of staircases. You may be able to handle moving items up or down the stairs yourself if you only need to move a few boxes. But as soon as things get heavy or large, it’s best to leave it to the experts. At Little Guys Movers, our employees are trained on how to tackle moving on stairs. And most importantly, we have the manpower to do it all safely.

Cooperation and teamwork are vital for moving on staircases. Our movers work together on a daily basis and know exactly how to coordinate a tricky move. Plus, we make it a priority to hire positive, hard-working people to ensure that everyone on the team can work in harmony. Branch Manager Todd Apple puts it best: “You have to really trust the other person on the other end of that dresser/sofa/safe/piano! Communication is key.”

Most staircase moves can be accomplished with a little noodling – lifting things over railing corners or standing couches up on their ends, for example. But sometimes we have to get creative. See: Exhibit A and Exhibit B. We can even help you remove railings or door frames if an item won’t fit and you’re really determined to have it upstairs!

Do you have a move coming up that involves stairs? Got a staircase standing in the way of your dream home set up? Contact Little Guys Movers. We can provide a free, no obligation quote to get things moving!