Next-Level National Movers

A wall map shows all of the locations Little Guys Lubbock has traveled to.

Little Guys Movers was founded in Denton, Texas, but in the past 30 years, we’ve become a national moving company. We have locations in eight states, and we’re still growing. We can move you anywhere in the contiguous United States!

Long Distance, the Little Guys Way

Being national movers comes with a unique set of challenges, but we’re proud to say we’ve conquered them all. In fact, we decided to go above and beyond when it comes to our cross country moves. Here’s how we do things a little differently.

One Move Per Customer

Most national movers will move multiple customers in one moving truck, making stops along the way. Here’s the problem with that: your stuff takes way longer to get to you, and there’s a much better chance of it getting lost or dropped off at the wrong location. We decided that our customers deserve the VIP treatment. That means we only move one customer at a time, and we even keep the truck locked until we reach our final destination.

Real Delivery Windows

If you’ve ever moved a long distance, you know that the delivery “window” you receive from national movers can be ridiculously large — often up to 20 business days. That’s not our style. We treat our customers how we want to be treated, and we’d want a reasonable and narrow delivery window. By moving one customer at a time, we can keep track of where your belongings are and provide an exact drop off date.

Expedited Services

Since all of our national moves are designed for one customer, that means every move is expedited. By expedited, we mean that your stuff is heading straight to you from your old home, without any unnecessary detours along the way. Who doesn’t want that?

Moving Made Easy

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Moving is stressful. Working with a national moving company that provides expedited, customized service makes moving a lot easier.

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