On the Job: Packing and Unpacking Offices

Two Little Guys Movers moving trucks are parked awesomely in front of the office; a ray of morning sunlight glows triumphantly behind them

Making Work Spaces Work in 2020

COVID-19 has changed practically everything about daily life, and offices are no exception. Many companies are rethinking the way they work, and some are ditching the office altogether.

If you’re looking to move out of your office, Little Guys Movers can help. We’re experts at packing and unpacking offices. Packing offices isn’t identical to packing up a home, and we have the commercial moving experience needed to make your office move as efficiently as possible.

We begin by working with your office manager to create the ideal plan for packing and unpacking your office. Our movers are meticulous about keeping everything organized so that unpacking the office in a new space or storage unit is quick and methodical. We label everything so there’s never any confusion and you can find exactly what you need, whenever you need it.

On top of our typical office packing and unpacking procedures, we’ve implemented special safety measures for moving during COVID-19. Our protocols include daily cleaning for all equipment, reduced moving crews, masks for all employees, and adoption of the CDC safety guidelines. (Read more about our COVID-19 procedures.)

If you need packing or unpacking services for your office in Greensboro, contact us. We’d love to help make your transition easy and stress-free.