Office Pack & Unpack

We’ll pack up and unpack your entire office for you. File that under “Customer Service.”

Some say packing and unpacking are the worst parts about a commercial move. (After all, who wants to empty all the filing cabinets, or organize and label miles of computer cables, or clean out stacks of moldy food from the office fridge?) We say that as long as you have the right system in place, packing and unpacking is the key to a beautiful beginning at your new place of business.

An office pack/unpack job is successful when it is organized. As an experienced commercial mover, we know that the best place to start is by coordinating with the office manager (or other point person) about the order in which all office supplies and special equipment should be packed and loaded. We make sure to put similar items together, keeping in mind how they will likely be unpacked and organized at the new office building. Most importantly, we’re firm believers in the power of labeling — each moving box is clearly marked so that everything is easy to locate during all stages of the move.

Having been in the moving industry since 1992, we’ve learned a thing or two about helping business owners relocate. When you’re ready to get moving, contact your nearest Little Guys Movers location and start the free quote process. We’ll make sure your next company move is a smooth transition for all involved.