Lexington, KY - 06/13/2018

For Little Guys Movers, it's about more than just getting things from Point A to Point B.

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Lexington, KY - 05/21/2018

Looking for a summer job or a new career? Join our Lexington team.

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Lexington, KY - 04/27/2018

At Little Guys Mover, we're all about everything local.

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Lexington, KY - 03/24/2018

For a job like no other, join the Little Guys.

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Lexington, KY - 02/21/2018

Looking for work that's more than just a job? At Little Guys Movers, you can build a career with us for years to come.

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Lexington, KY - 01/19/2018

Curious how much our guys are lifting these days? Click to find out the weight of this gun safe that the Lexington Little Guys moved.

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Who ever said moving was dull? Little Guy make moving fun!
Lexington, KY - 05/22/2017

Who ever said moving had to be a boring, tedious process? Not Little Guys Movers.!

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Worried about the big move? Save yourself some stress and call Little Guys Movers.
Lexington, KY - 03/27/2017

With a big move coming up, you can’t go wrong with a free, no-obligation estimate from Little Guys Movers.

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Moving day morning with Little Guys Movers is a good morning.
Lexington, KY - 01/19/2017

Little Guys Movers is going to help you make your moving day a great day.

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When your move is looking serious, it’s time to get the real deal movers.
Lexington, KY - 11/22/2016

Moving soon? Wherever you’re headed, let Little Guys Movers help you get there.

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