Lexington, KY
Little Guys Movers Lexington

It’s A Great Day to Move

Little Guys Movers are always ready to take care of business, even in the hot summer months. It’s always a great day to move when you’re a Little Guy. If you’re in Lexington, near Lexington, or moving here, you should get in touch for a free estimate and find out how we can make your

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Little Guys Movers and lions in Lexington

Experience is King

When it comes to moving, experience counts a great deal. It helps us solve problems and come up with solutions that are safe and keep your belongings intact. We know that no move is ever the same. Our customers informed us that the people who delivered these 700 lb. lion statues were unable to get

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Little Guys Lexington headed towards a big summer

Ready for Summer Moves

It’s starting to look like a summer of big moves at Little Guys Movers here in Lexington, KY. We’re ready for it! Are you going to be relocating your home, apartment, office, or storage unit this summer? Reach out and get a free quote! Want in on the action? We’re always hiring. Stop by our

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Two Little Guys Movers on the job

Little Guys & the Lizard Terrarium

Nothing makes us happier than knowing we’ve made a positive impact on someone’s moving day. A last-minute move to help move a huge lizard cage might have been a first for us, but judging by our customer’s review, we handled ourselves (and our lizard friend) well! “First off, this company saved me. I had an

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Lexington Little Guys now hiring

Your New Favorite Job

You’re honest and hard-working, but you like to have fun too. You enjoy meeting new people and seeing new things. You are looking for an awesome job. You’re going to fit right in at Little Guys Movers. Come by our office and apply today.

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mini snowman on top of Little Guys Movers truck

Winter Mover Blues

We never thought we would get tired of making snowmen but we just want to go move stuff already. Remember Little Guys are open for business rain or shine, so let us help you beat those winter moving blues!

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Lexington Little Guys hanging out outside

Leave the Big Stuff to Little Guys

Sometimes fancy moving equipment just won’t quite cut it, and it’s time to use some good-old-fashioned elbow grease. This hand-carved coffee table weighed over 1,400 pounds and these Little Guys didn’t even bat an eye. We know that communication and professionalism is essential in a safe and successful move. No problem!

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