Sean Adams: Celebrating 11 Years with Little Guys Movers

Director of Operations at Little Guys Movers in Lexington, Sean Adams

Sean Adams is celebrating his 11-year anniversary with Little Guys Movers! We love acknowledging career milestones, and particularly learning how each Little Guy found their way to us — and why they chose to stay.

A Real Brotherhood

So how did Sean get started? Just by being around.

“My brother was the Operations Director for San Marcos at the time,” says Sean. “I started just by hanging out at the shop and he offered me a position as a mover. Never going home got me more hours and experience!”

Sometimes your actual family can lead you to the Little Guys family — we love to see it!

Building a Little Guys Legacy

That was years ago, so we had to ask: what kept him around? “I continued with Little Guys because it’s not like any other job,” Sean said. “Every day is different. I love the brotherhood and camaraderie that each location has.”

Sean climbed the Little Guys ladder over the years, and he’s now the Operations Director at Little Guys Movers in Lexington. Sean says he’s proof that hard work and dedication can take you places. “I never thought I would be living in Kentucky! I would tell anyone considering a job with LGM to give it a shot — you will not be disappointed.”

Want to take Sean’s advice? Apply to be Little Guy here.