Who ever said moving was dull? Little Guy make moving fun!
Lexington, KY - 05/22/2017

Who ever said moving had to be a boring, tedious process? Not Little Guys Movers.!

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Worried about the big move? Save yourself some stress and call Little Guys Movers.
Lexington, KY - 03/27/2017

With a big move coming up, you can’t go wrong with a free, no-obligation estimate from Little Guys Movers.

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Moving day morning with Little Guys Movers is a good morning.
Lexington, KY - 01/19/2017

Little Guys Movers is going to help you make your moving day a great day.

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When your move is looking serious, it’s time to get the real deal movers.
Lexington, KY - 11/22/2016

Moving soon? Wherever you’re headed, let Little Guys Movers help you get there.

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Pack it up! Little Guys Movers can help.
Lexington, KY - 09/16/2016

Are you moving soon? Feeling overwhelmed by all the packing that needs to be done first? Don’t pack it up alone!

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This crew of Little Guys is ready to take on the hottest months of the year!
Lexington, KY - 07/19/2016

Where is this summer taking you? The hottest months are the most popular for American families to move, but they can also be the most dangerous to move in! (If you missed our special tip video on keeping your family and belongings safe during a summer move, you can check it out here.) Take the necessary precautions to keep your family hydrated and well-rested, and let Little Guys Movers take care of the rest. This team is ready when you are.

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Little Guys Movers are ready for a summertime of great moves!
Lexington, KY - 06/14/2016

Little Guys Movers are ready to take on these summer moves in Lexington and beyond! Local moves, long distance, commercial or residential, we handle it all. So where are you heading? We’re ready when you are.

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Little Guys Movers is no stranger to mastering the move and getting the job done right, every time.
Lexington, KY - 05/13/2016

We like to think of moving as an art form. A well-done move no easy feat ﹘ it takes hard work, dedication, practice, and patience to master. Our movers are carefully trained to not just do the job, but to do it right. To be professional. To handle each move as if it was their own. We aren’t new to this way of life; we’ve been mastering the move for over twenty years, and we’ll continue to hand down this sacred knowledge to future Little Guys. Because every move deserves to be handled with care.

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Lexington, KY - 03/11/2016

Being a Little Guy is an opportunity to see the world, help people, and make a difference in the community.

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Lexington, KY - 01/17/2016

Where are you going? The best best movers in Lexington, Kentucky can move you anywhere in-state or out-of-state.

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