Moving to Kentucky with Little Guys Movers

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Kentucky is beautiful. More and more people are heading to Lexington and the surrounding areas from Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and across the country. Out-of-state moves take extra care and expertise, and Little Guys Movers should be your go-to mover for your relocation to Kentucky. Here’s why.

The VIP Treatment

Say goodbye to shared moving trucks, endless pit stops, and 20 day delivery “windows.”

At Little Guys Movers, we do long distance moves differently. We treat our long distance customers like true VIPs. Here’s what that means for you:

We move one customer at a time — so your stuff heads straight to you.

Many moving companies fill their trucks with multiple customers’ belongings. This can lead to mixed up stuff, lost items, and tons of pit stops to drop off other customers’ goods. That’s not our style. We never combine your belongings with someone else’s, so your things go straight to Kentucky and get delivered as quickly as possible.

We always provide expedited service.

For us, expedited is the only way. The whole “eating pizza on the floor in the new house” thing is cute, but not for weeks on end — you need your stuff, and you need it now. Our long distance moves are designed to move your belongings swiftly and without unnecessary detours.

We give you a narrow delivery window.

Delivery windows from other companies can sometimes be weeks (or even a month!) long — not helpful. You need to know when your stuff is coming so you can prepare. Since we only move YOU, we can actually provide narrow delivery windows. And because we can keep track of how far the truck is from your new home in Kentucky, we can keep you updated and provide an exact delivery date.

Meet Our Lexington Crew

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John H.

Crew Leader
Little Guy since April 2021

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Anthony P.

Asst Ops Director
Little Guy since Dec 2015

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