The Quest for Free Moving Boxes

Cardboard boxes

Acquiring boxes for your move can feel like a huge task, but you can find free moving boxes near you if you put in a little time and effort!

Where to Find Free Moving Boxes

Local Classifieds

Platforms like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Nextdoor are great places to find moving boxes near you. Browse by location to see what’s available, or create a post to let people know you’re looking.


Freecycle is a website where people give away their stuff for free locally, and boxes are often available. Just search “boxes” in the top search bar to get a list of free boxes near you.

U-Haul Box Exchange

To help reduce waste, U-Haul has set up a Box Exchange program where customers can post boxes to give away or sell. Put in your location to find boxes near you, or create a post letting others know you are in search of boxes.

Liquor Stores

Most liquor stores have a section of boxes near the register. These boxes were used to ship inventory to the store, and they keep them for customers who need them to take home their purchases. Pop in and ask if you can take a few for free.


Books are extremely heavy to move. That means that when local bookstores get shipments, you know there are strong and sturdy boxes around. Call a bookstore near you and find out when they get new books and if they’ll let you have the shipping boxes.

Big Box and Wholesale Retailers

Large retailers receive shipments every day. Go scout out some stores near you to see if they have any boxes lying around. Check the back of the store, or go inside and ask an employee if they have boxes you can take.

How Many Moving Boxes Do You Need?

So you know where to look for free moving boxes — but how many do you need? We’re created a handy guide to help you determine how many boxes you’ll need for your move. Every home is different, but the average three bedroom house will need around 100 boxes. Read all the details here!