San Antonio Office Movers

Brightly lit office in the midst of being packed for an upcoming move.

Moving an office is a massive undertaking. Let Little Guys Movers handle it! Here’s how we get it all done.

Office Packing

Packing is often considered the worst part of an office move. No one wants to sort through every cabinet, nook, and cranny. And the endless computer cables and equipment can be a lot to deal with. Hiring professionals to pack your San Antonio office is the best thing you can do for your move. We’ll pack everything safely and securely, and we can unpack it in your new location as well.

Moving an Office

Office moving comes with its own unique set of challenges. First, you need to avoid getting in the way of your day-to-day operations. At Little Guys Movers, we’ll work with you to develop a plan that causes as little disruption to your work as possible. Next, there’s tons of equipment to deal with, like copiers and computers, plus heavy items like filing cabinets and desks. Little Guys Movers employees are trained to move everything, so you don’t need to worry about anything. And we have things like moving straps, blankets, and dollies to ensure we can move the heaviest and most complex items with ease.

Office In-House Shuffle

Maybe you’re not moving locations at all, but you need to move things within your San Antonio office. We do that, too! With our “in-house” shuffle service, we’ll work with your office manager to find the right time to rearrange your stuff to avoid disrupting your business. We can help you change floors in your building, swap offices, or simply do some Tetris until you have the perfect office feng shui.

Warehouse Services and Storage

Aside from the actual move, we offer a few other services that you may need when switching offices. Getting new furniture or equipment, but don’t have anywhere to have those large items delivered? We can act as a warehousing service for you, accepting your deliveries and transporting them to you when you have the time and space for them. We can also help you find local storage solutions if you’re downsizing or going remote.

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