Pack and Unpack Services in San Antonio, Texas

Little Guys Movers in San Antonio carefully unpacking heavy furniture into a new home.

Moving can be tough for many reasons — leaving a place you love, acclimating to a new home and environment — but the worst part of it all may be packing.

What if we told you that you never have to pack for a move again? With our packing and unpacking services in San Antonio, you don’t have to.

Customized Packing Services

Little Guys Movers can handle literally ALL of your packing needs. We can pack up your entire home. Every. Single. Item.

And we don’t just throw things in some boxes, either. We are thoughtful packers. We make sure to use the right amount of bubble wrap, packing paper, peanuts, and the right size boxes, which is more important than most people realize. Our goal is to be certain that your belongings will safely make it through the move without a scratch.

We can also tailor our packing services to meet your specific needs. For instance, maybe you only want us to pack your dishes and glassware, but you intend to do the rest yourself. However big or small your packing requirements, we’ve got it covered.

Unpacking and More

That’s right — you don’t have to unpack, either.

We provide unpacking services in San Antonio so you can get set up in your new home right away. This includes unpacking boxes as well as our in-house shuffle service, where we place large items and furniture wherever you want them to go. When you work with the Little Guys, you can literally move without having to lift a finger — except to point out where you want your stuff to go, of course.

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