Moving Volunteer Center of Lubbock

Volunteer Center of Lubbock logo over a picture of a moving box getting taped up.

Did you know that Little Guys Movers doesn’t just provide residential moves? We also move businesses — from offices to art galleries to restaurants, we do it all.

One of our favorite types of businesses to move are nonprofits. Recently, Little Guys Movers in Lubbock helped move Volunteer Center of Lubbock to a new office space. Volunteer Center of Lubbock connects the community to work on various projects that benefit Lubbock. We’ve worked with the Center in the past, including sorting boxes at the South Plains Food Bank, helping out with the Charles Adams Studio Project clean up day, and many others. This time, however, it was the Volunteer Center itself that needed moving!

Moving a nonprofit is actually pretty similar to moving any other type of business. There are usually lots of office furniture and supplies involved, and as always, we use our moving expertise to ensure there is as little disruption to day-to-day operations as possible. One interesting element to our Volunteer Center of Lubbock move is that they own a vintage seating piece from the 1960’s. We took extra precautions with it and were as gentle as possible!

The move was completed in one day and required six Little Guys and two trucks. We loved getting to work with this organization that we believe in so strongly — Volunteer Center of Lubbock offers so much to our city. Through the Center, we learn about the needs of our community and find out how we can get involved. They make it easy for our organization to understand Lubbock’s needs and do what we can to make a difference.