7 Moving Must-Haves: The “First Night Box”

Prepping for an upcoming move? Don’t forget to plan your First Night Box! Put these 7 often-forgotten items aside for your first night in your new place.

A List of 7 Moving Must-Haves

1. Toilet Paper

In the midst of moving all of your furniture and precious belongings, it can be easy to forget that your new home doesn’t come equipped with it’s own toilet paper! Be sure to pack a few rolls to avoid a store run on moving day.

2. Knife or Scissors

Packing is enough work as it is — don’t make unpacking difficult, too! Bring something to quickly cut open boxes so you aren’t fighting with packing tape all day.

3. Power Strip and Extension Cords

You know your new home has electrical outlets, but chances are you didn’t take major notice of where the outlets were located. Bring extension cords in case the cord on one of your items can’t quite reach the outlet.

4. Tools to Reassemble Furniture

Don’t bury your toolbox in with the rest of your stuff — you’ll need to put together all the furniture that you took apart. Set it aside so you can get to work!

5. Cleaning Supplies

Hopefully the previous tenants of your new home cleaned up after themselves, but if you do find a sticky spot or a little dirt, you’ll have what you need to take care of it while the house is still a blank slate.

6. Shower Curtain

Bringing your shower curtain may feel a bit random, but you’re going to want to shower once you’re done for the day!

7. Sheets

One of the first things you should do in your new home is make up the beds with clean sheets. That way, when you’re ready to pass out at the end of the day, you can simply tumble into bed!

Best of luck on your big move! With all of these items in your arsenal, it’s sure to be a success. Looking for more help? Get it touch with your nearest Little Guys Movers location to find out what the Little Guys can do for your move!