Moving Your Stuff Long Distance? These are Your Options.

Three moving trucks and a Little Guys Movers moving crew arranged in front of a beautiful outdoor scene.

Long distance moving takes tons of logistical planning, and there are many ways to move. How do you know which one is right for you? We’re sharing the pros and cons of each moving option.

Freight Company

Freight companies let you rent out space on their trailer for your stuff. You load your things yourself, and then the freight company transports it to your new location. The upside is that you don’t have to do any driving. But there are a lot of downsides, too.

For starters, you get no assistance loading or unloading, which is perhaps the most difficult part of a move. That means no extra manpower, and no helpful moving supplies (like moving blankets and straps), either. Plus, freight companies can come with tons of hidden fees. These can include costs for weekend pickups or deliveries, parking permits for the trailer while it’s at your home, and truck cleaning fees.

Finally, freight companies don’t just move your stuff — there are other things on the truck, too. These could be the belongings of other moving customers or commercial goods. This makes it far more likely that your items could get mixed up with someone else’s and lost, and it means that the truck often has to make other stops before heading to your location, delaying your move.

Portable Storage Units

When you choose portable units for your move, storage containers are dropped off at your home for you to load, then they are shipped to your new location when they’re ready. Portable storage units are convenient because they give you time to pack and load your things, plus you don’t have to worry about moving anything up a truck ramp since they sit on the ground.

One of the biggest problems with portable storage units is the cost — it varies exponentially depending on the size of the container and the distance of your move. While they can be a cheap option for moving locally, for long-distance moves they are generally not cost effective.

Portable storage units also aren’t the most secure option. Since they sit in front of your home for an extended period of time, they are potential targets for break-ins. And like freight moving, portable storage units companies don’t always provide with loading or unloading, and the units can require costly permits — depending on your neighborhood.

Rent Your Own Truck

Renting your own truck is one of the most cost effective ways to move. Truck and U-Haul rentals are relatively cheap, and they have the added benefit of ensuring you’re in control of your stuff. With a truck rental, you don’t have to share truck space with anything else, so it’s unlikely your things will get lost.

As with freight companies and portable storage, renting your own truck puts you in charge of loading and unloading. However, you can hire a moving company that offers standalone loading and unloading services if you’d like. For many people, this is the best of both worlds — they don’t have to load everything on their own, but they also don’t have to put their things in someone else’s hands since they complete the move themselves. For others, driving across the country is a major downside that they don’t want to deal with.

Full-Service Move

If you want a completely hands-off experience, full-service moving is for you. With a full-service move, you work with a moving company for every step of the process. The movers provide the truck, load it up for you, make the long distance drive, and unload in your new space. Many companies also offer packing services, too, so you really don’t need to lift a finger.

Full-service moves can cost a bit more, but the extra cost comes with major benefits. This is definitely the most stress-free way to move. When you choose a full-service option, you get to work with moving experts who move stuff all day, every day. No need to stress about renting dollies or maneuvering heavy items — they’ve got it covered. Additionally, many moving companies offer expedited services for long distance moves. This ensures that your items are the ONLY things on the truck, so your stuff goes straight from your old home to your new one without any detours, saving tons of time.

At Little Guys Movers, ALL of our long distance moves are expedited. We believe that giving our full attention to one customer’s move is the best way to provide a high-quality, stress-free experience.

Are you moving long distance soon? Contact Little Guys Movers in to talk about your options and get a free, custom moving quote.