Moving Kitchen Equipment

Two Little Guys Movers movers carefully wrap a large stove unit for transport.Moving heavy kitchen equipment is a complex task that demands precision and expertise. At Little Guys Movers, we follow a strategic process to ensure the safe relocation of these substantial items. We recently had the opportunity to move an early 1900s stove that a customer moved with him from California. Here’s how we did it:

Assessing the Item

First, a thorough assessment of the equipment’s dimensions and weight is conducted. It is important to handle all kitchen items delicately, as their interior components are very fragile. Most kitchen items also must be kept upright as much as possible, and a lot of items have gas and water lines that must be disconnected. It is also very important to protect stainless steel items with blankets. We pay attention to all of these details during the assessment part of the process.

In this case, the antique stove was dropped off by the refurbishers in his front yard and needed to be brought in through the back of the house. Based on its size and the route we needed to take, we determined what equipment we would need, including forearm forklifts and heavy-duty dollies.

Loading it Up

The process for moving the stove involved lots of pre-planning and special equipment. We started by lifting the stove with the forearm forklifts onto our 4-wheel, heavy-duty piano dolly. For the pathway, we brought two pieces of plywood that we could roll the dolly across. This helps us avoid any issues with the soft terrain. Two of our guys had their hands on the stove at all times, while the other two worked together to lay the plywood down in a continuous path. Once we reached the kitchen, we utilized moving blankets to slide the piece into the desired location. It’s a bit of a complex process, but the Little Guys make it easy!

Why You Should Use Professionals

Professional movers are well-versed in handling heavy kitchen equipment, ensuring a seamless transition without risking harm to either the equipment or individuals involved. At Little Guys Movers, we have years of combined experience necessary to move kitchen equipment. We have moved stoves, refrigerators, freezers, commercial coolers…everything! But most importantly, we care enough about our customers to take every step necessary to ensure their items are moved safely and efficiently.

Whether you need to relocate a full kitchen or just move a single piece from one house to another, we got you. Contact us today to get a free, custom quote for your appliance move!