Moving Heavy Restaurant Equipment

Heavy equipment in a commercial kitchen.

Every move comes with its own unique set of challenges, but some have bigger obstacles than others. In the case of moving restaurants, we mean that literally — moving big, heavy restaurant equipment can be tricky, but it’s nothing we can’t handle.

Planning a Restaurant Move

When you contact us about moving restaurant equipment, the first thing we’ll do is take inventory of everything you’re planning to move. We need a comprehensive list of what we’re moving for every job, but it’s extra important when working on a commercial move. That’s because much of the equipment is large and extremely heavy, so we need to ensure we have the right tools to move these items effectively.

A Little Guys mover lifts a heavy commercial stove with a jack tool.

Measurements are also vital. There’s no moving your industrial oven if we find out it can’t fit through the door. Many times we can take things apart to help with the moving process (don’t worry, we put it all back together again), so we’ll check for that as well.

Scheduling is Key

When someone is moving from their residential home, they expect life to pause for a few days as they pack, move, and unpack. But businesses don’t always have this luxury. If you’re moving a piece of restaurant equipment — but not your entire restaurant — we’ll want to plan the move during hours you are closed or the least busy. Our goal is to have as little disruption to your day-to-day operations as possible, and a massive piece of equipment making its way through the dining room isn’t going to go unnoticed by your patrons.

If you’re relocating your entire restaurant, then you’ll probably need to close for a day or two. When you call us to get a quote we can discuss a schedule for your move that best fits your needs.

Get a Free, Custom Quote

No move is one-size-fits-all, which is why all of our quotes are fully custom. We make sure we understand your individual needs before we provide any kind of estimate. Our quotes are also completely free and no-strings-attached, so you have no obligation to work with us if you receive a quote. Want to get started? Fill out our free quote form or call us today.